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 Website Maintenance

Priced Just Right


When you need new website info or a major update, we work with you and your developer to make sure it all works together and is as simple as possible to maintain.

We also have website updating partners available if you don’t have anyone in place.

Also available for basic updates like new career positions,  product sales info for new products, website upgrades, monthly SEO (search engine optimization) updates, website design,  and training so your staff can make changes for you.



Our customized Partner Services are available to help you stay on top with your website design, security and SEO

Note:  Every business is different, so rather that post a price here, we must discuss options with you and connect you to the very best solution for your requirements and adjust the package to your budget.  Fully Customized to YOUR needs.

Get Started with a monthly Website Maintenance Package:

Keep your site updated to avoid security risks.

Maintain a current and professional image.

Keep customers and interested parties coming back to your site.


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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a digital marketing campaign that will result in professional branding online and  higher ranking in search engines for related keyword searches. A Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign will help get more leads without paying for Google Ads. Although, Google Ads can be effective with SEO!

Website Security Management

Managing your website securely is of vital importance in this digital age.  We have partners who specialize in this area and can help you maintain and protect your digital portfolio with the latest tools and patching systems available.  Design a  customized plan with constant updating and schedules to keep your digital platforms as safe a possible.

Web Development

Our partners are fully qualified and experienced in

developing digital marketing needs.  They build

comprehensive resources for use on websites to communicate

your message effectively to search engines.