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Kelowna POS Paper Rolls

Thermal Paper Rolls non BPA, 2 1/4 X 60

1 Case – 100 paper rolls. Point of Sale paper for sales receipts. Prices are reduced for multiple cases.

Thermal Paper Rolls non BPA, 2 1/4 X 60 ( Custom # of Rolls)
POS (Point of Sale) paper rolls for your debit machine / cash register paper receipts.
Kitchen Printer Paper Rolls 3 inch wide Bond Paper Rolls

1 Case – 50 Bond Paper rolls, white. 3 inch wide Bond paper rolls, are primarily used in restaurant kitchens, and POS systems around the Okanagan on a daily basis.

Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls 3-1/8 inch wide – 50 rolls

50 paper rolls – 3-1/8 wide Thermal Paper rolls, non-BPA white. Receipt paper rolls, are used in restaurant kitchens, cash registers and POS systems.

Paper rolls of receipt paper or POS (Point of Sale) paper rolls, are used in restaurants, gift shops, retail stores, wineries, and almost every other category of Okanagan businesses on a daily basis. Okanac Business Machines on St. Paul Street helps local businesses find the best Kelowna POS paper, at the best prices. Okanac POS products significantly reduce the overall cost of doing business in Kelowna while helping the environment.

The two most sought after paper roll products in Kelowna are:

  • POS Paper Rolls (2 ¼ inch wide roll and 60’)
  • Kitchen Printer Paper Rolls (3X3 Bond Paper Rolls)

There are several paper related issues that your customers consider, every time they receive a receipt. 

Save the environment! 

While the Canada Revenue Agency encourages all Canadians to ask for a receipt when doing business, the environmentally conscious folks are declining to accept receipts, leaving cashiers caught in the middle. The front office staff or cashiers use the default POS software setting to print the necessary and then dispose of any receipts not required for their accounting system. Printing and distributing paper receipts is simply part of the cost of doing business, however, your POS software probably has a setting that you could skip at least one of the receipt copies on demand.

Your Customers do not want to be exposed to BPA.

 Okanac Business Machines, on St. Paul Street in Kelowna BC, supports our community in various ways, one of which includes environmentally conscious habits throughout our office environment and by ordering paper products that do not have harmful chemicals like BPA when possible.

The most common thermal paper used in the Okanagan is POS Thermal Paper Rolls (2 ¼ inch wide roll and 60’). While big box stores often stock this receipt paper, they only stock the type WITH BPA. Okanac always has non BPA (2 ¼ inch wide roll and 60’) available at prices that beat the big box stores.

More about BPA:

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an environmental contaminant and was used in Canada during the manufacturing process for baby bottles and water bottles in addition to many other products. In 2008, Canada proposed declaring BPA toxic and shortly thereafter it was banned. Regulatory agencies estimate that virtually all BPA exposure is from food and beverage packaging. However, free BPA is applied to the outer layer of thermal receipt paper present in very high (∼20 mg BPA/g paper) quantities as a print developer. Not taken into account when considering thermal paper as a source of BPA exposure is that some commonly used hand sanitizers, as well as other skin care products, contain mixtures of dermal penetration enhancing chemicals that can increase by up to 100 fold the dermal absorption of lipophilic compounds such as BPA. 

Article telling of new non BPA receipt paper.

Some Good News for the Environment!

Before you make another order of paper rolls for your kitchen printers, consider the following. Restaurants are beginning to use less paper rolls as kitchen video becomes a prominent choice with applicable POS software. The majority of restaurants in Kelowna still use 3 X 3 Bond paper rolls to print out  customer orders as they happen. We understand that It may be hard for restaurant managers to imagine not using kitchen printers because the printing of each order is crucial in keeping the restaurant staff organized. If you would like to learn more about what it takes to switch to kitchen video instead of kitchen printers, contact Okanac with the form below and the answers to the following:

What is your business type?

How many stations does your business need? 1,2, 3 or more.

What type of POS software are you looking for? cloud, local database software, or are not sure?

How soon would you like to change your kitchen printers to kitchen video? ASAP, 1-3 months, 4-6 months, more than 6 months